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In 2019, Grogenics partnered with The Ocean Foundation and Fundación Tropicalia. The latter had begun to support a group of women in the community of Hicaco Blanco (Miches, Dominican Republic) and had established organic home gardens. 


Their intentions were to grow produce for domestic consumption, share with neighbours, and possibly sell any surplus. Subsequently, Grogenics bestowed these local women and small farmers with their products and technologies, including their bio organic fertilizer compost for a more fertile and pest free soil, hand-held tools to facilitate working the land, and equipment to properly measure and monitor the soil quality. Grogenics’ knowledge has been addressing several hazards in regard to soil degradation, namely desertification due to unsustainable land-management and to the variations in climate and rainfall.


These 14 pilot activities took place in the first quarter of 2020, and the results for these gardeners and farmers’ yields were unprecedented.

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Amaury (Associate #13) Project in Miches

Amaury is extremely delighted since he started in December 2019, with planting beans in his garden and with Grogenic's compost as its base.

With the quantity and quality of the beans I got from my garden this time around, I could have sold more, but I need to keep some for myself and my family. I am also very impressed on how many flower buds have bloomed on my lime trees, and the quantity of limes that have grown already since I spread the compost!

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Raquel (Associate #6) Project in Miches

Raquel is very enthusiastic about our compost. She is a cancer survivor and a very active women. When the project was first introduced, she was immediately on board. She knew that gardening would keep her busy and get her thinking about positive thoughts.

I am thrilled with the results and by the fact that I will be able to put food on my table. I am sorry that I spread the compost on all my garden, but when I saw the fabulous results of larger and healthier vegetables, I couldn't resist! I am so pleased that I started spreading the word to other women in my community.

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Oscar and Annette

de la Renta's Gardener, Punta Cana

The results I am seeing with the organic compost from Grogenics is by far superior to others I have been using. I see incredible results with it, with both vegetables and flowers. I have never seen flowers so large and vegetables so big. It's been 100% effective! Other compost we have been testing don't even give me any results.

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Watch His Video

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