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We generate high-quality blue carbon offsets

that make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

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Before diving in, let's provide some context.

Sargassum on beaches

Sargassum invasion dominates headlines!

Decaying seaweed haunts beaches, landfills, and poses a grave threat to fisheries and coastal ecosystems. Meanwhile, the hotel industry grapples with declining tourism and surging costs.

This menacing invasion dramatically exacerbates climate change, releasing vast greenhouse gases during decay, and contributing to global warming.

CNN news on sargassum disaster
Circular economy, sustainable agriculture, environement, compost

A greener path forward.

We take a Circular Economy proactive approach in preserving marine life and ecosystems by ecologically collecting substantial amounts of floating sargassum at sea and efficiently harvesting it on shores.

Leveraging cutting-edge techniques, we transform this resource into compost, which we generously distribute to farmers committed to sustainable agriculture. 

We not only preserve the environment but also empower it to flourish, igniting a natural regenerative cycle that propels us towards a greener future.

We align with 15 out of 17 sustainable development goals by the United Nations

Our circular economy approach proudly embraces and aligns with a remarkable 15 out of the 17 SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, established by the United Nations. Our unwavering commitment stems from a profound belief in fostering a resilient and sustainable future for coastal communities.

United Nations sustainable goals

The impact of our approach.

#Carbon Credits.

Our circular economy approach empowers us to generate

high-quality blue carbon offsets.

sargassum collection
analysing, the smithsonian, heavy metal free
Certifying Gold Standard, collaboration
Voluntary market, selling blue carbon credits, farm-to-table
composting, no landfills, green waste, biochar


Sargassum is being diligently collected in the open sea, behind ocean dams, and along the shores.


Our waste management is unique: no landfills, no delays. We swiftly process harvested sargassum, blend it with local green waste and biochar.


Our organic compost undergoes thorough analysis by The Smithsonian to ensure its purity, free from heavy metals.


We collaborate with the Gold Standard to oversee the certification.


Voluntary Market: each carbon credit will be a direct reflection of cleaner oceans and better farm-to-table food.

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Monaco: +33 06 95 91 92 72

Canada: +1 514 399 9888

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